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Elephant Money


Earn a guaranteed 0.56% daily on a stable coin!

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Earn an extra 0.5% each time you Deposit or Compound! > Read more...



Elephant Money is a permission less, passive income, ecosystem brought to life by a web of smart contracts, that together create a sustainable and decentralized investment product which is able to guarantee dividends of up to 0.56% daily through two main protocols TRUNK STAKING and STAMPEDE. The protocols make use of two tokens: Trunk (stable coin) and Elephant token (reflective token). Holders of Elephant token will receive rewards just for holding!


The Elephant money ecosystem resides on the Binance smart chain.  It is made up of two tokens: 

  • TRUNK which is a partially collaterized stable coin pegged to the US dollar (0.990) and is used in the two main investment protocols.

  • ELEPHANT crypto token is reflective meaning holders will received passive reward from just holding the token. Its primary job is to keep up the stability of TRUNK.

There are several opportunities to invest in this ecosystem, from Elephant token, to Trunk staking, to Elephant Stampede crypto protocol where you can bond stable coins for high yield daily dividends that also allows the possibility of compounding your earnings. 


Elephant money was built to be self sustainable. This is achieved by keeping the Elephant Treasury in an abundant state of growth. The way this is done is by using the ELEPHANT token. Since the Elephant token Treasury holds the largest amounts of ELEPHANT crypto token, it receives huge amounts of reflective rewards from transactions such as buys and sells from all over the ecosystem, hence becoming an ever growing collateral to TRUNK. This keeps the price of TRUNK stable and pegged to the US dollar.

The HERD: A Partner Network

You don't need to join any team in order to invest in Elephant Stampede crypto contract however by doing so you and your team mate will benefit from 0.5% extra rewards each time you deposit or compound. In turn you can also build your own team and enjoy earning extra rewards. There is only 1 level of affiliate rewards, making it similar to the main stream affiliate systems such as Amazon or Tesla’s .


Join our TEAM to start earning those extra rewards now.

Elephant Token


Reflective token 

Elephant Money Trunk


Stable coin token

Elephant Money Stampede


Stake to earn 75% APR 

Elephant money trunk staking


Bond trunk allowing you to compound up to 672% APR


Join our TEAM and earn 0.5% extra TRUNK on every Deposit or Roll

​Click here for a step by step guide how to buy TRUNK and get into STAMPEDE

​Step 1: Buy TRUNK Token by going to TRUNK page

Step 2: Go to The Herd: A partner Network then click on Partner and add our address                         0xbd9C78c89D55481433392CD866D5C96738E52c36

Step 3: Press Update and Start earning 0.5% on every Deposit and Roll!

Step 4: Deposit Trunk into STAMPEDE

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