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Join our TEAM and earn 0.5% free TRUNK on every Deposit or Roll

Once you’ve set a partner, you will begin to receive free reward credits each time you deposit or roll in Stampede. 1% of the deposited/rolled amount is split 50/50, or 0.5% each, between the referred and referrer.


Here's how to join 

Step 1: Buy TRUNK Token (follow this guide)


Step 2Go to the Stampede Page.

Step 3: To earn your extra 0.5% find The HERD: A Partner Network section

NOTE: You must join the team before you deposit or you'll lose the initial rewards!


A) click on Partner tab 

B) In the partner field paste 0xbd9C78c89D55481433392CD866D5C96738E52c36

C) Press UPDATE and you will be registed to start earning your extra 0.5% ! Rewarded Trunk will be received instantly and automatically in the form of an airdrop.


Step 4: Deposit TRUNK into STAMPEDE

A) Find the Stampede Perpetual Bonds section and click on the BOND tab

B) Enter the amount of Trunk you wish to deposit 

C) Enable Stampede and confirm when prompted

D) Press BOND button

E) Click on Overview tab. Bonded TRUNK will be displayed under bonds


Message me for help :)

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