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TRUNK staking is a very low risk staking contract allowing you invest in return for high yields. Trunk  Staking is a good entry point into the Elephant money ecosystem and for new investors to get a general feel of Elephant Money.

The invested Trunk is not locked as it is in Stampede and can be withdrawn at any moment. The contract will pay at minimum of 30% which is pretty high for a stable coin however historical averages have been around a whooping 65% !!! This is unheard of for a stable coin. 


The TRUNK dividend pool pays out 1% of its value every day to the stakers of TRUNK. This value will vary depending on the size of the pool held and the value of your staked deposit, 


Perfect Store of Value in Uncertain Markets

TRUNK staking is the perfect place to keep your funds safe in uncertain market times. One may notice the huge increase in stable coin investments when markets are bearish. Rather than losing gains on your tokens, one can swap for TRUNK since its value is stable and enjoy high staking earnings while the rest of the markets crash. Once you need the funds again you can cash out and swap back to BUSD in a matter of seconds at no huge fees other than a 1%. More on how Trunk fees work here. 

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