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Stampede is Elephant Money native high yield bonding contract that can earn players up to 672% APY (compounding daily). This is achieved through depositing TRUNK, a partially collateralized stable coin (backed by BUSD and Elephant token).

Elephant money stampede


Investors are able to buy bonds which essentially means they are locking in their money for good. However in return, a daily dividend of 0.56% is received. The TRUNK that is locked away is then split equally between the ELEPHANT Treasury and the ELEPHANT/BUSD PancakeSwap liquidity pool.

When investors bond TRUNK into Stampede they are securing the capital used to payout daily long term future earnings not matter the  market condition. Bonds can be increased by depositing more Trunk. Earnings can be claimed but they can be also rolled (compounded), which  greatly increase future yields.

Daily Passive Income

Investors earn interest on more than double of the deposited amount i.e. 2.05X which works out to 0.56% per day over 365 days. As the TVL in Stampede increases so does the APR for native TRUNK staking.

Rewards are paid out as a stable coin so investors are able to gain steady yields even in a bearish market.


Herd Partner Network

You don't need to join any team in order to invest in Elephant Stampede however by doing so you and your team mate will benefit from 0.5% extra rewards each time you deposit or compound. In turn you can also build your own team and enjoy earning extra rewards. There is only 1 level of affiliate rewards, making it similar to the main stream affiliate systems such as Amazon or Tesla’s .


Join our TEAM to start earning those extra rewards now.

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